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Philatelic exhibiting can be a very complex subject if one allows it to become that. Exhibiting however is really an art form in it's own right and one which you can experience and enjoy easily.

The suggestion to have 'fun' rather than seek awards is quite the sage advice. If seeking medals, don't be surprised when some viewers don't appreciate your pet as much as you happenn to. The real benefit comes when displaying your material for the enjoyment of others as well as yourself. That's when everyone else will appreciate your pet too!




Retired Exhibits

The U.S. 14¢ Fourth Bureau Issue

Atlantic Meeting

Single Frame Grand NTSS 2018

Single Frame Grand Sandical 2017

Authoring World Peace

Single Frame Grand NTSS 2009

Brontosaurus (article)

Charter of the United Nations

Single Frame Grand Sandical 2018

Single Frame Grand Omaha 2017

Single Frame Grand NTSS 2015

The Complete T. rex

Single Frame Grand Sandical 2003

Single Frame Grand Sandical 1999

Single Frame Grand NTSS 1995

Council of Europe (article)

Dark Caves - Bright Visions

Single Frame Grand Indypex 2001


Geometric Numeral Cancels (St. Petersburg & Moscow 1880-1904)

Indians - 6 Frames

Invited to Honor Class World Expo 1992

Reserve Grand OKPEX 1992

League of Nations to United Nations

The Mesozoic Times (Issue #2)

Nations Unies - Genève (1950-1969) - 1 Frame

(My first single frame exhibit -- 1978 Award)

Nations Unies - Office Européen (Provisional Overprints) - 1 Frame

Nations Unies - Office Européen (1947-1969) - 5 Frames


Single Frame Grand NTSS 2007

Single Frame Grand Pipex 1994

Single Frame Grand Sandical 1994

Organizing Peace (Issue #1, Winter 2017)

Toward United Nations

United Nations Origins 1938-1942 - 8 Frames

United Nations and Palestine : 1947-1951

Single Frame Grand NTSS 2017

U.N. Conference on International Organization

U.S. Commemorative Overprints

Wings of Stone



Files are in pdf format




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