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Fruit and Vegetable Sculpting

Carving up my lunch and dinner? My wife indulged me and we attended a class given by an award winning professional who turned fruits and vegetables into fantastic floral arrangements. One might ask "who would do this professionally?" According to our instructor, professionals are hired by cruise lines, weddings and Las Vegas. I'll never look at a radish the same way in the future and the knife proved exceedingly sharp!


Grapes, Radishes, Bell Peppers and Leafy Greens

fruit 4

My class project realized

fruit 3



Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

With a wife and two daughters, there's no escaping essential oils. Rather than fight it, I took the route of developing secret formulas based on the beneficial effects of individual oils and produced blends for various ailments. A fact sheet for my blends is here. And of course, a cool label for my bottles was required!


angeldew logo

Slumber got rave reviews and here's the secret formula!




Cordials (Fruit Flavored Infusions)

Being a tea totaller, this experiment was dependent on family and friends taste testing! Each year, the girls have their friends over and the kitchen essentially turns into a distillery. They all prepare their own cordials using whatever secret sauces they bring. As in everything, a competition for the favorite flavor ensued and I was challenged to make one too. I can happily report I won several years! A fact sheet for my infusions is here. And of course, a cool label for my bottles was required!


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Passion is a fan favorite and here's the secret recipe!

passion card



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